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Recently seen at Parramatta City Library

Customer feedback terminal

Recently seen at Parramatta City Library is a customer service satisfaction terminal.

Ali Hussein from Parramatta City Library describes how the terminal works in their library:

"As part of Parramatta City Library’s ongoing aim to provide excellent customer service, the library has installed the latest technology to gauge customer service satisfaction. The HappyORnot buttons are an easy method of transforming customer feedback into a measurable KPI. The terminals are lightweight and include four buttons each: a very happy face, a happy face, an unhappy face, and a very unhappy face.

A customer can press a single button, with a timeout delay of 10 seconds that can be configured to avoid misuse. The feedback collecting smileys and the back end reporting service make analysing customer feedback easy. The time and energy saved can be focused into making improvements based on the findings provided by customers.

The HappyORnot solution provides customers and the library service with a discreet, quick, and straightforward way to communicate with the aim of providing the best library experience for all."