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Reporting on the uses of #nswpubliclibraries and #libraryact75th

It is almost a year since we started to use and encourage you to use the hashtag #nswpubliclibraries. We launched it with a blog post and were very interested to see what would happen. On Flickr the hashtag has been used over 400 times. The libraries using it include Kiama, Canterbury, Coffs Harbour, Shoalhaven, Mosman and Riverina Regional.  Please add your library photographs to the group.

Instagram (which Public Library Services joined on 10 February 2014) has also featured with #nswpubliclibraries. The hashtag has been used almost 300 times by several libraries including Canada Bay, Campbelltown, Inverell, and Mona Vale.

Twitter shows over 530 uses of this hashtag. This graph shows the most frequent users of this tag. Mousing over the pie chart will show the names of the twitter accounts, and scrolling with your mouse over the image will provide more details. You can look at the tweets too.

#nswpublic libraries is also being used on Facebook - you can see a couple of recent examples here.  If you login to Facebook and search on the hashtag you will see many more. (note - this is a later addition to this post).

In November public libraries celebrated the 75th anniversary of the Library Act. We encouraged libraries to use #libraryact75th across all social media platforms to share stories and photos of their celebrations. Use of the hashtag peaked on 3 November, with libraries taking to Twitter to celebrate the anniversary. Analysis via Twitonomy showed that in the week of 2 November to 8 November 239 tweets were counted using #libraryact75th with a potential reach of 545,072. The number of users in this period was 123. The top related hashtag during this period was #nswpubliclibraries, showing that both hashtags were being used in Tweets.

You can see a summary of the #libraryact75th action on Twitter.

Throughout the month of October, in the lead up to the anniversary of the Library Act, we led a social media campaign called #libraryaday. This campaign featured each library service via the State Library Twitter account and Facebook page and the Libraryact75th blog.

The hashtags #libraryaday and #libraryact75th were promoted. There was a very positive response from public libraries to this campaign, with libraries tweeting about their own library services, other library services and the anniversary of the Library Act.

We are very pleased to see public libraries using their own hashtags – and we did a storify of the examples we have found. Let us know any more examples we should add to it.


Anne Doherty, Edwina Duffy and Ellen Forsyth