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Seniors in Focus 2015

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The NSW Home Library Service Working Group presented this year's Seniors in Focus seminar at the State Library on 6 November 2015.  

The keynote speakers included:
Danielle Gullotta the Co-ordinator Access Programs at the Art Gallery NSW.  Danielle spoke about the Art and Dementia programs at the Art Gallery and the enjoyment and engagement visitors with dementia experience in these structured programs.  "The art and dementia program provides opportunities for meaningful and interactive engagement with artworks from the Gallery’s collection. It offers intellectual stimulation and encourages self-expression with an opportunity for participants to articulate their opinions about what they experience and to connect with their carers and new people. A creative ageing program, it also promotes lifelong learning and aims to reduce the stigma around dementia."

Nicci Lindemann, the Station Manager for 2 RPH: Radio for the Print Handicapped of NSW spoke about their programming reading newspapers and magazines aloud and also the Ablequest podcasts, a series of 15 minute programs which examines developments in assistive technology for those people living with a wide range of disabilities. 

Barry Golding, patron of the Australian Men's Shed Association and a researcher interested in men's learning and wellbeing spoke about the Men’s Shed Movement and some implications for public library staff working with older men.

Narelle Drewe from Albury Library Museum spoke about their programs to seniors at Nursing Homes and Retirement Villages.  Her slides are available.

Loraine Rawson from Great Lakes Library spoke about their Better Reading Program outreach to people living in aged care homes.  Her slides are available.

Elysa Dennis from Camden Libraries spoke about their "Books Unbound" project promoting eresources and ebooks via a pop-up library. Her slides are available.

There were also a number of Home Library Snapshots:
Julie-Anne Jones (Penrith) – ECHO: Teaching Seniors to use Ipads 
Sherryl Charley (Singleton) - Home Library Service using SD Cards and E Audio Books
Rob Swan (Campbelltown) and Annette Chaplin (Camden) – Volunteers in Home Library Services
Sandra Heming (Bankstown) – Bus to the Library 
Sally Meakin (Canterbury) – Storytelling Outreach to Seniors 
There were also a number of Home Library Snapshots (some have their slides linked):

The social media conversation was also archived on Storify