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State Librarian visits new Shellharbour library

Dr John Vallance speaks at Shellharbour library visit

Last week our State Librarian Dr John Vallance drove to Shellharbour to visit the magnificent new Library and Museum built in the city centre. He was greeted by an elegant purple bat, before being introduced to the Library Manager Margie Kirkness, her staff and local dignitaries.
Dr Vallance was invited to speak at a special celebration of the Shellharbour City Library and Museum, which opened to the public on 4 January 2018. The new library building was partially funded by a successful Public Library Infrastructure Grant in 2013/14, and is now the 5th library servicing residents of the Shellharbour region.
Dr Vallance said: “If you need evidence that public libraries are on the move, have a look at Shellharbour. I had a wonderful time there.”
Shellharbour City Council is also in the process of a library renewal program for its branches with the assistance of State Library Public Library Infrastructure Grant funding.

Shellharbour library