Updated Library Regulation

The Library Regulation 2010 will be renewed on 1 September 2018, and will become the Library Regulation 2018. Copy of library regulation

The Regulation was discussed at the Public Libraries Consultative Committee in March 2018, and local government stakeholders agreed that no changes were to be recommended. See item 3.1 of the PLCC Minutes of 12 March 2018 here.

Note that there will be some minor wording changes in the 2018 regulation to ensure clarity.

The regulation is made under s15 of the Library Act 1939, and makes provision for the management of the State Library of NSW and local libraries operated by local authorities.

The regulation enables the State Library and local libraries to make rules for the use of library collections, services and spaces; and to regulate the conduct of users of the State Library and local libraries.

The regulation sets out the maximum fee that may be charged for the late return of borrowed library material, and the calculation of fees that may be charged to borrowers for lost or damaged library material.

The regulation determines the prescribed amount for annual per capita subsidies payable from the State of NSW to local authorities that operate libraries in accordance with the Library Act 1939, and the determination of local populations for subsidy purposes.

The Government has announced that the prescribed amount for subsidy will increase over 4 years to $2.85 by 2022/23. The State Library understands that incremental amendments to the prescribed amount (clause 18 of the Regulation) would be made in the year that the increases take effect. We will provide more information on the funding in due course.