Children's services

Public Library Services provides state-wide consultancy and advice on library services for children to library staff and local government.

Children make up a significant component of library clientele, and are the future adult clients and supporters of our library services. For assistance, contact Public Library Services.

Early years literacy and numeracy

Early literacy is the foundational experiences and knowledge that children build before they learn to read and write. Early literacy is the responsibility of many people (families, educators, and communities). 

Public libraries play an active role as an informal educational context supporting early language and literacy learning. These programs include ‘Baby Rhyme Time’, ‘Toddler Time’, ‘Preschool Storytime’ and outreach programs for families and book giving projects.  Some libraries also offer STEM programs for pre-schoolers including ‘Little Bang Discovery Club’ and ‘Maths Fun in Libraries’.

Early literacy framework

The State Library worked with The Institute of Early Childhood at Macquarie University to investigate best practices in delivering early literacy programs in libraries and to develop an early literacy programming framework for NSW public libraries. 

Further information is available on the Early literacy project page and in the Early language and literacy toolkit.

Child safe NSW public libraries

Selected resources

Networking and forums

  • Email list: youngpeople is the email list for library staff providing services to children and young adults in New South Wales public libraries
  • Working Group Wiki: Committee members, agendas, minutes and other information is availabe on the wiki
  • ALIA Children’s and Youth Services promotes library services to children and youth, highlighting children's literature and fostering professional development of members