indyreads promotional material

The State Library of NSW provides public libraries with material to help you promote indyreads to your library users. These are all available free of charge.

Media release

File Media release

Bookmarks, postcards and banner

Use the online order form to order promotional bookmarks, postcards and banner.  

Use the indyreads pull up banner in the library or at special events.

Order online


Print and display the indyreads poster.

Digital signage

Digital signage you can use on your library's information screens.

Powerpoint sign featuring multiple covers - landscape

Powerpoint sign featuring one cover - landscape

File Powerpoint sign featuring multiple covers - landscape - LOTE

File Powerpoint sign featuring multiple covers - portrait - LOTE

JPG sign - landscape

JPG sign - portrait

Indyreads logo zip file - find a selection of logos to use on your website or other promotional material

Use the links below to the browser and app versions of indyreads. Add them to your library website.

Use these words to promote indyreads on your library website: indyreads provides access to a statewide collection of independent Australian and international titles, classic literature and modern award-winning titles in eBook and eAudio format.  

Indyreads enquiries 

Find out more about indyreads on the website or see the FAQs

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