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Legal information social media campaign

You don't have to wait for Law Week to promote legal information to your community. Use the following sample posts to let your community know about the legal information available to them at any time of the year. 

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 Sample articles and posts 

Website or newsletter article 

Use this article on your website or newsletter.  

Looking for information about the law? Check out the Find Legal Answers website.  

You can find plain English books about the law at

The Law Handbook: Your Practical Guide to the Law in NSW has 40 chapters dealing with legal topics from About the legal system to Wills, estates and funerals 

Neighbours and the Law is an easy to understand guide to the different areas of law that are involved in neighbourhood issues and disputes, including fences, animals and noise 

Rest Assured: A Legal guide to Wills, Estates, Planning Ahead and Funerals in NSW explains wills and the legal processes when someone dies 

Find out where you can get legal help at 

Social media posts  A hand holding an ipad with an image of the law handbook cover

A selection of social media posts have been created for you to share across your social media channels. Simply copy and paste the content and download the relevant image to share on your social media channels. The posts highlight content on the Find Legal Answers website and information from legal agencies.  

COVID-19 posts


You can use the images on this page and in the zip file below in your posts.