Multicultural services

The State Library provides multicultural advisory services to NSW public libraries. We also provide online resources and newspapers in community languages to NSW residents and visitors to the State Library.

Multicultural services for public libraries

The State Library Public Library Services branch provides a range of services and resources to assist public libraries with multicultural services to their culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) communities.

Multicultural services for NSW residents

A guide to multicultural services and information available online, at the State Library and NSW public libraries for NSW residents.

Bulk loans service

Borrow books in community languages through NSW public libraries

Research into multicultural services in NSW public libraries

This report will explore to what extent public libraries in New South Wales are evolving to meet the changes in local demographics, service expectations, community needs and access to technology for non-English speaking members of the community

Community languages directory

The community languages directory will help you locate community language materials held in NSW public libraries

Multicultural glossary

The multilingual glossary database is a signage tool for libraries. The glossary contains common library phrases in 50 languages.

Essential information in community languages

Quick access to important information in community languages about health, law, settlement and more from government and community organisations.

Collections and services for multicultural communities

Find out about accessibility resources for CALD communities

Online @ State Library for CALD Communities

eResources available from the State Library for culturally and linguistically diverse communities