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Bulk loans service

Transition to new bulk loans service model


The State Library provides lending collection of approximately 80,000 items across 42 languages and alternate formats in English for circulation to NSW public libraries for use by local communities.

An assessment of the State Library’s bulk loans was undertaken over 2015 and 2016, to consider future delivery methods.

Following this review the State Library planned to implement a distributed model for the collections.

Under this model NSW public libraries were encouraged to take longer term, higher volume loans aimed at enabling more immediate access to the collection by local communities from public library shelves, and reducing the number of loans dispatched and processed at the State Library.

Feedback received by the State Library indicated that this model would not suit all libraries.

New service model

Taking into account consultation with public libraries in June 2017, the State Library has  implemented a new service model for the circulation of the multicultural collections which includes a distributed model for libraries that have medium to high levels of demand, and the retention of a centralised interlibrary loan model for libraries with lower levels of demand.

This dual approach takes into account the initial concerns raised by some libraries, and will provide equitable access for remote communities, and communities with relatively small populations of speakers of languages other than English

The State Library’s Multicultural Services will continue to be provided, including advice to public libraries, the purchase of multicultural collections for distribution to public libraries, and the management of the Multicultural Purchasing Cooperative, which will continue to purchase material on behalf of public libraries.

English large print and talking book collections

The State Library has made the entire large print and talking book collections available to NSW public libraries on long term loan.  Library managers were invited to express interest in receiving an allocation of these collections in July 2017 and the State Library has distributed material to participating libraries. 

Find more information on the Large print and talking books collections page. 

Multicultural collections

The State Library Multicultural Bulk Loan Service resumed on Monday 16 October 2017.

To request items please use the Multicultural bulk loan request form

Research into multicultural services in NSW public libraries

In addition to the bulk loan service model change, the State Library has also commissioned research into multicultural library services provided by NSW public libraries. This will explore to what extent public libraries in New South Wales are evolving to meet the changes in local demographics, service expectations, community needs and access to technology for non-English speaking members of the community.  


Philippa Scarf, A/Manager, Public Library Services:

Oriana Acevedo, Multicultural Consultant:

Abby Dawson, Coordinator Collection Services:

11 October 2017