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Books in other languages

The State Library of NSW purchases books in 43 languages.  These are available for bulk loan to NSW public libraries, free of charge.   Books are available for adults on many subjects such as health, cooking, history, sports, religion and more.  Fiction is also available, including love stories, mystery and detective stories, classical literature, graphic novels and historical fiction.  Children’s material can also be borrowed.  There is an English as a Second Language collection (ESL), which is aimed at meeting the learning needs of our communities and to support the independent learning of English.  For more information, go to the Bulk Loans Service page.

In addition to this, another 13 language collections are held by NSW public libraries.  The Community Language Directory will show you where these collections are located across NSW. 

The State Library is also celebrating the diversity of NSW communities with a variety of free programs and events throughout March.   Please see our What's On page for more information.