Drug Info training portal available online

A new online learning course for NSW public library staff is now available

Online learning

The Drug Info team have launched a new online learning platform to assist public library staff in providing a drug and alcohol information service for their library users.  People in a library reading books on drug and alcohol information This one-hour training course will provide guidance on finding resources through the Drug Info website, and how libraries can effectively promote their service.

What is included?

Through a mix of video, informative text, and exercises, our new online training platform covers topics including why Drug Info is in public libraries, the Drug Info collections and website, where to find information relating to alcohol and other drugs, and promoting Drug Info. Participants also have access to a virtual showbag you can fill with checklists, a calendar and much more.

How do I get involved?

The training platform has been introduced to support public libraries receiving the Drug & Alcohol Info Hub, as well as to supplement the face-to-face training the Drug Info team provides to public library staff across the state. However, the training is open and available to all interested NSW public library staff and will suit all levels of staff including new public library staff and those seeking to refresh their knowledge.

Accessing the training portal

 To sign in to the training portal, go to:
You will be asked to choose an organisation from a drop down menu. Select your library service from the list, and enter the organisational password DrugInfo2020. After logging in you will be asked to create your own account. After doing so, you will be able to sign in and complete the training. Once you have started, you have the option of saving your progress and returning to complete the training at a later time. Before completing the course, be sure to download the items available as part of your digital showbag.

For more information, contact Michael Adams michael.adams@sl.nsw.gov.au.