NSW Public libraries local studies audit

In 2020 the State Library of NSW conducted an audit of local studies collections across the NSW public library network. From the 128 councils in NSW, 111 responses were received including data from an additional nine councils that are part of regional libraries. This provided a response from 120 councils overall.

The questions in the audit were developed in consultation with public library staff, as well as staff across the State Library of NSW. The information in the research will be used, in consultation with public library staff to help develop local studies collections and skills.

If you are looking for an overview of the report, you can read the introduction NSW public library local_studies audit 2020: introduction

The complete report is also available NSW public library local studies audit 2020

Previous research

The 2020 audit followed earlier locals studies research. The 2004  research led to the publication of the Digital Practice Guidelines for public libraries (updated in 2011). This was followed by another audit in late 2013 and early 2014, undertaken by 116 of the 152 councils in NSW. Data from this audit is available for comparison with the 2020 results - NSW public libraries local studies audit data  (Word 727KB)

You are invited to email comments or questions about this research to Ellen Forsyth.