NSW working groups review

At the April 2016 meeting of the Strategic Network Committee, a review of public library working groups was approved.  The factors to be considered included:

  • Planning and coordination, including encouraging new staff to take on these roles
  • Group terms of reference and reporting arrangements
  • Library manager / senior staff sponsorship of groups
  • Communication (eg. elists, wikis and social media tools, calendar for meeting dates and times)
  • Supporting participation of regional and remote staff
  • Record keeping


This review process involves:

  • A review of existing arrangements for working groups, including identifying key success factors and opportunities for improvement.
  • Engaging the key stakeholders in information gathering and determining future learning and development priorities for the public library network.
  • Agreement on the role and scope of learning communities in the NSW public library network that is endorsed by the NSWPLA, PLCC, Strategic Network Committee, public library network managers and staff and State Library stakeholders.
  • The future of working groups as learning communities determined, including governance,  terms of reference, reporting and lines of communication, options for communication tools, evaluation and processes for establishing and winding up groups as required.
  • Improved communication between working groups, the public library network and the Strategic Network Committee in the development of strategic goals, learning and development priorities and tool development, responding to industry trends and community needs, evaluation of activities.
  • Scope of the role of State Library with working groups determined.
PDF icon NSW working groups review 2016 Summary findings

PDF icon NSW working groups review 2016 Report on the findings of the surveys of the public library network including working group members and steering committees