People Places

A guide for public library buildings in NSW

People places: A guide for public library buildings in NSW Sydney: Library Council of New South Wales,  Third edition 2012, is an important planning tool for New South Wales public libraries. This publication, endorsed by the Library Council of New South Wales, contains practical advice and tools to assist in the planning of public library buildings to meet the needs of your community.

For enquiries about the hard copy publication, please contact Public Library Services.

Tools and templates to help you plan your library building

The following People Places tools and templates are also provided to assist with library building planning.

Service Based Benchmark spreadsheet
Office spreadsheet iconPopulation Based Benchmark spreadsheet
Locational Matrix
Post Occupancy Survey Template
Large Library Building Brief
Small Library Building Brief

Library design examples

As part of the development of People Places 3rd Edition, FJMT architects compiled examples of library designs:

American Libraries
Australian Libraries
European Libraries
NSW Libraries
Scandinavian Libraries
Building Element Exemplars