Public libraries

Your public library welcomes you!

Public libraries in New South Wales are free. 

A number of people sitting in a library space reading

Come along and discover: 

  • books on many subjects – art, sports, music, science and more 
  • books to read for pleasure, such as novels and adventure stories 
  • magazines, newspapers, DVDs and CDs 
  • children’s books 
  • books and other resources for learning English 
  • free access to the internet and Wi-fi
  • books for adults and children in languages other than English 
  • areas where you can study, or where you can just sit and read. 

Books in over 40 languages are available from the State Library of NSW through all public libraries. If there are no books in your language on the shelves of your library, ask the librarian to get some for you from the State Library.

This is a free service.

You will also find at your local public library:

  • people to help you even if they do not speak your language
  • a variety of services and activities for people of all ages.

Hours of opening during weekdays, evenings and weekends vary from library to library.

It is easy to join. Take some identification with your name and current address to the library near where you live or work. Children usually need a parent's signature to join.

Public libraries are for everyone: you, your family and friends.

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