Public Library Funding 2018/19

Distribution of grants and subsidies for NSW councils

The State Library of NSW administers funding to NSW public libraries on an annual basis, in accordance with the Library Act 1939 and the Library Regulation 2018.


The Public Library Grants and Subsidies for 2018/19 total $23.528M, with a further $5M available for regional and rural public libraries through the Regional Cultural Fund  and a $1M grant program for metropolitan public libraries. 

The Minister for the Arts the Hon Don Harwin has approved the Public Library Funding Strategy for 2018/19 as follows:

Component Amount

Subsidy - $1.85 per capita, as prescribed by the Library Regulation 2018
Population served 7,858,147

2 Subsidy Adjustment funding
Allocations to councils in addition to $1.85 per capita (above)
1 + 2 Subtotal - payments to councils $20,274,740
3 $2,000,000
4 Outback Letterbox Library $100,000
5 Strategic network projects $365,291
6 State Library services to public libraries $787,969
  Total Public Library Grants and Subsidies $23,528,000


Subsidy and Subsidy Adjustment payments


Allocations for 2018/19 are itemised in the Subsidy and Subsidy Adjustment table

Discussion of the Subsidy Adjustment allocations for 2018/19 is available in the PLCC minutes of 23 July 2018.


Applications for Subsidies/Subsidy Adjustments are due from councils by 30 November 2018.