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Case study: Wollongong

 Weekly CDAT information sessions in the library

Drug and alcohol display

Wollongong City Library hosted the Drug & Alcohol Info Hub in February 2018.

The hub was setup on the ground floor of the library, in a central zone that is dedicated to Health and Wellness resources. This zone contains a range of health related books, magazines and pamphlets, including Cancer Council resources.

Library staff reported that clients appeared to look at the display as an additional resource within the Health & Wellness zone. When people were viewing the iPad or picking up brochures, they were clearly interested and focussed on finding information, or just browsing the materials. 

Members of the local Community Drug Action Team (CDAT) manned the hub on three consecutive Wednesday afternoons during February. They promoted specific topics including managing medications, alcohol, drugs and driving and Hep C/HIV treatments. They spoke with customers who were looking at the Drug & Alcohol Info Hub resources and asking questions about drug and alcohol issues. Some in-depth conversations were had with clients looking for specific information, along with many short interactions with general users of the library.

Where appropriate clients were helped with information that put them in touch with services addressing their needs or interests. These included parents of children, who were often present in the library at the time. Clients were happy to receive this specialist help and it was a successful collaboration between the library and the local CDAT.