Services to NSW public library network - survey results

A key goal of the State Library of NSW Strategic Plan 2015-2019 is to ensure quality of service to the NSW public library network. A survey was developed in 2016 to measure the quality of service.

The results will assist the State Library to further develop and refine services to public libraries, and will enable quantification of the following Strategic Plan key performance indicators (KPIs):

  • Our Library advances the Public Library Network – KPI: % of PLN agree the State Library supports the development and advancement of NSW public libraries.
  • We lead in our sector – KPI: % of PLN say the State Library provides effective leadership to NSW public libraries.
  • We advocate for libraries –KPI: % of PLN say the State Library advocates for NSW public libraries.

Two online surveys were administered by the Library’s Research Officer.  Survey 1 was sent to all NSW public library managers and covered most of the services provided by the PLS Branch, while survey 2 was sent to council IT managers and included questions about internet services provided by the service.

Results Summary

A strong and statistically significant response was received. Eighty four responses were received for survey 1, and sixty nine were received for survey 2. 

Perceptions of the State Library’s support of the NSW public library network are overwhelmingly positive, with the vast majority of public library managers agreeing the State Library supports the development & advancement of NSW public libraries (Total Strongly agree or Tend to agree 95%).

Most feel the State Library advocates for libraries (87%) and say they are satisfied with the services provided by the State Library to their library (87%). A high proportion also feel that the State Library provides effective leadership to NSW public libraries (80%).

Meanwhile the combined Excellent or Very good score for professional development and training is 46%. In particular, the open comments reveal suggestions for a wide array of different topics to be covered in the professional development and training. It is worth keeping in mind that overall the vast majority give a positive rating for this service (Excellent, Very good or Good), while only 14% rate it Fair or Poor. One of the recurring comments throughout was the desire for more training to take place in regional areas.

The State Library thanks respondents for their constructive comments, and will note the results as part of branch planning for 2016/17.