Online survey and evaluation form

Online survey

A new online survey has been developed by Telstra, which is being used by libraries and training providers across Australia.

There are two versions of the online survey – one for participants and one for trainers.

At the end of each session the trainer must ask participants to complete the online survey. 

At the end of the session the trainer must also complete an online survey.  The trainer can record the number of participants and the language the session was delivered in..

Each library branch has their own unique link to a participant and trainer survey. 

If participants are attending multiple sessions, or a series of sessions, they don’t have to complete the survey every session.  It would be appreciated if they can complete the survey at their first and last session. 

Tech Savvy Seniors Evaluation Guide for NSW public libraries.pdf 

Find the link to your library survey: PDF iconNSW public library survey links.pdf

Paper evaluation form

If participants have difficulty completing the online survey, they can complete a paper evaluation form. The trainer can then input the responses from the paper form into the online survey, or scan and email copies to the State Library. 

Evaluation form in languages

Translated versions of the paper evaluation form for CALD sessions are available to download below (please note that the  Hindi version will be available in early February 2018).

For CALD sessions run by ECC trainers, trainers will complete the online trainer survey and assist participants to complete paper evaluation forms.  Libraries must then scan and email copies of the completed evaluation forms to the State Library.

PDF iconArabic TSS evaluation form.pdf

PDF iconGreek TSS evaluation form.pdf

PDF iconHindi TSS evaluation form.pdf

PDF iconItalian TSS evaluation form.pdf

PDF iconKorean TSS evaluation form.pdf

PDF iconSimplified Chinese TSS evaluation form.pdf

PDF iconSpanish TSS evaluation form.pdf

PDF iconTraditional Chinese TSS evaluation form.pdf

PDF iconVietnamese TSS evaluation form.pdf

Survey results

The results of the online survey are collated and available to view via an online dashboard.  Currently there is limited access to the dashboard, and we are looking at ways to share results with libraries.  If you would like to access your survey results please email the State Library.