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Drug and Alcohol Mini Hub

The Drug and Alcohol Mini Hub is an interactive information display designed to complement existing library events and programs.

Person looking at a tablet display stand

The aim of the mini hub is to provide up to date and accessible information about drugs and alcohol and identify support networks and agencies within the local community. 

Mini Hub display unit

The Drug & Alcohol Mini Hub consists of the following items:

  • a tablet display stand including an iPad with interactive content. This stand is powered. An iPad plug is supplied.
  • Drug Info pull up banner.

The mini hub stand and pull up banner are delivered in a Pelican case. The mini hub stand requires some assembly. 

Host libraries are supplied with a range of information resources and promotional material allowing them to support library programs and events during the display period. Resources include:

Mini Hub tool kit

Find more details about the program in the tool kit, including:

  • host library requirements
  • program outline
  • Hub components, delivery and pickup
  • suggested activities
  • promotion and reporting.

Tool kit

Events and activities

Drug Info event

During the display period the host library is required to display the tablet display stand in their library and run a minimum of two events or activities in their community. The display stand can also be used for pop-up events and/or satellite displays in branch libraries.

A suggested program of activities and display themes is provided in the Drug & Alcohol Mini Hub tool kit. The mini hub program is based on the existing Know Your Standards and Know Your Drug Facts programs for public libraries.

Suggested activities and events include:

  • standard drink demonstration or pouring challenge
  • beer goggle demonstration
  • mocktail making demonstration.

Reporting and evaluation

The Drug & Alcohol Mini Hub is an evaluated program and host libraries are asked to complete an evaluation.

Evaluation form