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There are two mocktails promotions to promote healthy drinking in the community.

There are two mocktails promotions you can run to promote healthy drinking in your community - Literary Mocktails and the Make it a Mocktail social media campaign.

This page provides links and information to help you run mocktail events in your library.

Literary mocktails

Literary mocktails are book-themed, alcohol-free drinks, inspired by well-known literary works. The names were suggested and voted upon by library fans. Group of mocktails in glasses

Mocktails are a great alternative to alcoholic drinks for designated drivers, pregnant women, people wanting to reduce their alcohol intake, young people or anyone who wants to avoid alcohol.

See more about the program on the Drug Info website.

Suggested activities

What sort of activities can libraries run using the literary mocktails? Following are just a few examples of library events:

  • Sutherland Shire Libraries presented 'Shaken, stirred, mixed and drunk', a talk on alcohol and literature accompanied by literary mocktail recipes. Participants enjoyed a choice of three literary mocktails as they listened to speaker David Lewis, who gave a history of some famous writers with a liking for hard liquor. Sutherland's Facebook page featured a 20-second film clip to highlight one of the mocktails they would be creating at the event, and one of their talented staff created literary mocktail-themed 3D-printed swizzle sticks to give away in a goodie bag.  
  • Katoomba Library celebrated their fifth birthday with literary mocktails. Inspired by the  State Library’s recipes and coupled with the colourful postcards, the icy-cold, fruity concoctions such as ‘Grape Expectations’ and ‘Tequila Mockingbird’ intrigued and refreshed visitors of all ages as they enjoyed music, art and entertainment throughout the Blue Mountains Cultural Centre.
  • As part of Burwood Council's Youth Week activities Burwood Library hosted 'Burwood Bar and Beats', a Mocktail event at Burwood Park. The event featured a pop up library providing drug and alcohol info, a bar providing free mocktails, an activity using the beer goggles where youth had to navigate the cones and a Know Your Standards activity. Over six hundred mocktails were served and one hundred showbags of drug and alcohol info for youth distributed. 
  • City of Canada Bay Libraries held a Drop-In style event for teens aged 12-18. The library borrowed a set of beer goggles from the State Library and made mocktails for attendees to taste-test. They also displayed YouTube videos shown on large screen with effects of alcohol and drugs and made take away goodie bags. The event was a wonderful chance for library staff to start a conversation with young people and parents. 

Promotional material

Find literary mocktail recipe cards and posters to download and order here.

Social media

Follow the campaign on Twitter and Facebook

Public libraries can join in by sharing posts and tweets or posting about their own activities. You could use these channels to provide links to useful online resources in order to reinforce the messages and to promote the Literary Mocktail and other Know Your Standards material.

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Make it a MocktailMake it a mocktail and glass

The Make it a Mocktail campaign was created as a response to COVID-19. It provides information to the community about healthy drinking choices during a time of great stress for many.

It may feel normal to drink more alcohol than usual in response to the stressors associated with COVID-19, but while alcohol can temporarily make you feel relaxed or good, drinking a lot in a short time, or a lot of alcohol regularly over time, is likely to cause problems for your physical, emotional and social health.

Hoarding and using alcohol as an emotional crutch will not help you through this difficult time. Knowing how to make your own fun and look after yourself will!

See more about the program on the Drug Info website.

Social media campaign

Make it a Mocktail was designed as a social media campaign - it's a fun and friendly reminder for people to moderate their drinking in times of stress and offers them an easy, non-alcoholic alternative when they feel like they need a ‘drink’.

Make it a Mocktail social media campaign

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