Pop-up events kit

A pop-up events kit is available for loan from Drug Info for libraries wishing to hold outreach activities.

The loan period is four week. Longer loans may be negotiated. 

Kit contents

The kit consists of:

  • Drug Info pull-up banner
  • Know Your Standards resin kit
  • Drug Facts library kit

Are you planning an event?

The Drug Info pop-up events kit can be used for drug and alcohol related events or displays in your library. The kit can also be used to enhance other library or council run events such as stalls, youth activities and other outreach programs.

Suggested activities include:

  • Resin kit display
  • Standard drink pouring challenge or demonstration
  • Drug facts trivia or quiz

Further suggestions are listed in the Know Your Standards toolkit and the Know Your Drug Facts toolkit.

You can also order promotional material for your library events.


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