Seniors promotion

Using your Drug Info resources to promote awareness of alcohol and prescription drug use to older people.

Seniors festival display at Bowral Library

Many libraries are involved in health and wellbeing related events and activities during the NSW Seniors Festival. You can use your Drug Info resources to promote awareness of standard drinks and the Australian Alcohol Guidelines as well as prescription drug use during the festival and at other times of the year.

Information resources to promote


Use these books from your Drug Info collections in library displays: 

  • Healthy spirit, healthy community: a guide to drugs and alcohol within our community
  • A quick guide to drugs & alcohol 2nd edition
  • A guide to coping: support for families faced with problematic drug use


The following free pamphlets are available to order or download from the Your Room website:

  • Alcohol: the facts
  • Benzodiazepines: the facts
  • Caffeine and energy drinks: the facts

Factsheets to download and print


Ideas for activities

Use your Know Your Standards resin kit to run a pouring activity or set up a library display. 

Library display

Put your resin kit on display:

  • on your library counter
  • in the genealogy room
  • near the newspapers
Run a pouring activity

Select an activity from the Know Your Standards Tool Kit. Use this activity to:

  • give a standard drinks session to library reading groups or other group meeting
  • run a standard drinks demonstration at a library event
  • provide library clients with an opportunity to test their knowledge of standard drinks at a stall 
Outreach and mobile

The Know Your Standards resin kit is portable. Use the handy carry bag to take it out to events such as:

  • picnic days and morning teas
  • health and wellbeing expos
  • film nights and other events

Make a mocktail

Use the Literary Mocktails resources to hold a mocktail making demonstration or class.

Drug facts

Use your  Drug Info collection, including the NSW Health Drug Facts booklet collection as inspiration and resources for the following activities during the Seniors Festival:


Promotion and reporting

Promotional material

Promotional material items such as pens, postcards, Know Your Standards pocketcards and showbags are available to order for your event or activity.


IMPORTANT! Don't forget to report your event or activity to Drug Info via our online form.

Report your seniors event or activity

Social Media

Twitter, Facebook and other forms of social media are effective methods of communication. You could use these channels to provide links to useful online resources in order to reinforce the messages and to support people to make informed decisions and choices about drinking and/or drug use. 

Use the following hashtags on Twitter (and Instagram/Tumblr):

Sample tweets:

Do you know how many standard drinks are in your favourite drink? #knowyourstandards @druginfolibsnsw

Do you know how much wine (beer/scotch/tequila/champagne etc) is in a standard drink? Visit XX Library to find out
#knowyourstandards #nswpubliclibraries