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Youth Week promotion

Use your Drug Info resources to promote awareness of alcohol and illicit drug use to young people

Many libraries are involved in events and activities during Youth Week. You can use your Drug Info resources to promote awareness of alcohol and illicit drug use during Youth Week and at other times of the year.  

a group of youth in silhouette

Drug Info website

The Drug and alcohol information for young people page links to online information, videos, school resources and sources of help for young people.

Drug and alcohol information for young people

Information resources to promote


Use these books from your Drug Info collections in library displays: 

  • Healthy spirit, healthy community: a guide to drugs and alcohol within our community
  • A quick guide to drugs & alcohol, 3rd edition


The following free pamphlets are available to order or download from the Your Room website:

  • Drug Facts booklets - a range of 15 titles including alcohol, cannabis, inhalants and caffeine and energy drinks
  • Your pocket guide to a good night out
  • Your guide to dealing with grog
  • Alcohol and the brain - youth wallet card
  • NCPIC cannabis pamphlets
  • Coping with aggression, alcohol and drug use in the home - A guide for teenagers
  • Not Our Way ice and pharmaceutical drugs campaign booklets

Videos Animations of lightbulbs with faces

The Respect Your Brain animated video series focuses on the impact of three drugs commonly used in Australia and explores the way these drugs affect a young person’s developing brain. The videos explain how different drugs can affect brain development and which areas of the brain are affected. The videos are supported by more in depth information including where a person can seek help for drug and alcohol issues, and links to more drug and alcohol facts.  

Respect your brain videos

Ideas for Activities

Drug Info activity booklet

Use the Drug Info activity booklet for inspiration. The activity booklet features a range of suggestions for incorporating Drug Info into your library programming, including a section on young people.

Drug Info activity booklet

Drug facts

Use your  Drug Info collection, including the NSW Health Drug Facts booklet collection as inspiration and resources for the following activities during Youth Week:

  • Distribute Drug Info's A4 Drug Info quiz poster around study desks and your library's youth area. The quiz is accessible via QR code. Distribute Drug Info showbags to students who present a completed quiz screen at the desk.
  • use PCs or mobile devices and test people's knowledge about drugs and alcohol in the Quiz Room (Your Room)
  • make a graffiti art wall on poster paper with facts about drugs, slogans, myths and messages about where to get help
  • host a scavenger hunt – offer drug fact related questions. When participants answer correctly you can give them a tip on how to find the next clue. Whoever gets to the finish line first wins a prize! 
  • use the Know Your Drug Facts Activity Sheet to run a group activity
  • hold your own mini drug and alcohol expo with an info display of Drug Facts booklets, Know Your Standards resin kit and related books.  Create a poster for your event or use the NSW Health Drug Facts booklets covers (print images from the Your Room website)
  • team up with your local CDAT or other community organisation to host a drug and alcohol free event in your library or local area and use the kit to provide drug fact information
  • set up your Know Your Drug Facts display in your Youth Area
  • hand out promotional packages and show bags
  • set up a poster display in your library foyer or throughout your library space
  • take your Drug Facts or resin kit along to any pop-up library events.

Make a mocktail

Use the Literary Mocktails resources to hold a mocktail making demonstration or serve mocktails at your youth-related event. You could also hold your own literary-themed mocktail competition.

Promotion and reporting

Promotional material

Promotional material items such as pens, postcards, Know Your Standards pocketcards and showbags are available to order for your event or activity.

Promotional material

Social Media

Twitter, Facebook and other forms of social media are effective methods of communication. You could use these channels to provide links to useful online resources in order to reinforce the messages and to support people to make informed decisions and choices about drinking and/or drug use. 

Use the youth social media campaign to let the young people in your community know about the information about alcohol and drugs available to them.

Youth campaign


IMPORTANT! Don't forget to report your event or activity to Drug Info via our online form.

Report your Youth Week event