Service management

Information for Drug Info contacts in public libraries

The Drug Info contact:

  • maintains communication with Drug Info
  • updates the collections
  • organises Drug Info training
  • promotes the Drug Info service

Public libraries provide the Drug Info service to the community of NSW by providing resources and trained staff, with the support of State Library Drug Info staff.

In order to successfully deliver the service, each NSW public library is encouraged to appoint one or two staff members to be Drug Info contacts. 

The Drug Info contact:

Maintains communication with Drug Info

You can find which staff member to contact on the Drug Info staff contact list.

Drug Info email list

Contact Drug Info staff to be added to the Drug Info email list. Drug Info sends regular emails to Drug Info contacts about collection updates, training and other news. 


Follow the Public Library Services blog for updates and news on the Drug Info service.


Updates the collections

There are two Drug Info collections in public libraries: the book collection and the pamphlet collection.

The Drug Info book collection

The Drug Info book is a collection of up to ten plain English books about alcohol and other drugs. It is a standardised collection, held by every library service in NSW. Each central library service has two copies of the book collection. Libraries may choose to interfile these books with general collections or display together. For maximum impact we suggest that you locate all collections and signage in one easily accessible area in your central library.

The book collection is updated by State Library Drug Info staff annually. The Drug Info contact receives notification either by email or post that the book collection needs to be updated. Drug Info sends every central library two free copies of new books in the book collection, as well as the updated list or titles and notification about new titles to obtain and resources to remove. The Drug Info contact arranges the purchase of any new titles or editions, and removes and discards any out of date titles.

The current list of titles and latest collection update sheets are available online.

Pamphlet collection

Most libraries include a pamphlet collection as part of their Drug Info collection, to allow clients easy access to plain language drug and alcohol information which is free for them to take home. Many pamphlets are available in community languages.

Drug Info provides a list of recommended free pamphlets. This list is updated twice a year. The Drug Info contact ensures that the library has a supply of drug and alcohol pamphlets appropriate for their community.

Organises Drug Info training

Drug Info provides a training program for public library staff, made up of the Legal Information Workshop, the Legal Information Workshop advanced modules Legislation and Case law (delivered by LIAC staff), and the Drug Info Awareness training, including Know Your Standards workshop.

Drug and alcohol information workshop, including Know Your Standards training

The workshop concentrates on two ways of delivering drug and alcohol programs to public library communities, focusing on key drug and alcohol resources which are available in public libraries or on the web.

Annual Drug Info training at the State Library

All Drug Info contacts are encouraged to attend the one day Legal Information and Drug Info Workshop, held once a year at the State Library, usually in September or October. This training only needs to be done once. The Drug Info contact can then on-train their library staff. 

All training notes are available on request.

Drug Info staff can also visit metro and regional libraries to conduct training for public library staff. Please note that visits are subject to staff availability. Contact Drug Info and LIAC staff to arrange training in your library.

Promotes the Drug Info service

Libraries can promote the service to the community in many different ways, including taking promotional material to local courts and other agencies, displaying the Drug Info collections prominently in the library, talking to community groups, posting on the library or council’s social media platforms, running training sessions for council staff, including articles in local newspapers and newsletters, and arranging events.

Youth Week

Many libraries hold events during Youth Week. Youth Week, held in April each year, is a nationwide initiative for young people to express their ideas and views, act on issues that affect their lives, and create and enjoy activities and events. Local councils, community agencies and public libraries are all encouraged to get involved. It’s an excellent opportunity for libraries to promote the Drug Info resources and service to the community.

Events held by libraries include displays, talks on drug and alcohol topics by local police, expos, and youth events. Information to help libraries plan events is added to website every year in plenty of time for Youth Week.

Promotional material

Drug Info provides a range of Drug Info promotional material, including flyers, bookmarks, postcards and signage. It is important to make sure libraries have the most recent material on display, and that out of date material is discarded. A list of current promotional material is available, and material can be ordered from Drug Info staff whenever it is needed.

Support from Drug Info

Drug Info staff support public libraries providing the Drug Info service to their communities in the following ways:

  • communicating regularly via the email list, advising of important dates, updates to the collections, training, and changes to the service
  • updating the book and free pamphlet collections twice a year, and sending instructions about which resources to obtain or discard
  • providing two copies of new editions to the book collection to every central library free of charge
  • providing advice about libraries’ general drug and alcohol collection
  • providing Drug Info training to public library staff
  • providing all training notes, updated once or twice a year
  • providing all promotional material
  • providing promotional material for Youth Week and related events
  • providing information to help plan Youth Week and related events
  • running an annual forum, in order to obtain feedback from libraries and communicate new developments
  • assisting with drug and alcohol related enquiries when required – libraries can contact Drug Info if they have an enquiry from a client and need some assistance
  • answering any questions about the service, no matter how large or small.