Legal pamphlets

Free legal pamphlets allow clients easy access to plain language legal information which is free for them to take home

Most libraries include a pamphlet collection as part of their legal collection, to allow clients easy access to plain language legal information which is free for them to take home. 

Pamphlets are:

  • free
  • authoritative - they come from a wide range of state and federal government departments, local councils, and legal organisations
  • concise and easy to read
  • can be taken home by clients, allowing confidentiality
  • easily browsed without staff assistance
  • often available in community languages

Guidelines for ordering pamphlets

Check the format of the pamphlet and ensure you have the correct stands to display them appropriately. The standard DL, A5 sized pamphlets, and A4 booklets are easier to display.

Make sure you are ordering from a government agency or other reputable supplier. Choose from the list below, or check with LIAC if you are unsure.

Many pamphlets are available in community languages. Don't forget to order these in languages relevant to your community.

Following are recommended suppliers of excellent legal pamphlets.  Browse each supplier’s publication page to find pamphlets that suit your community.  Alternatively, use the Find Legal Answers website to find pamphlets on particular legal topics.  All pamphlets are available online as well as in the hard copy pamphlet, so you can see them and check they contain information useful for your community before ordering.

Legal Aid NSW produces a range of pamphlets on a variety of subjects.  You can do a keyword search, or search using their broad subject areas: Aboriginal people; Courts, police and crime; Domestic violence; Families, relationships and children; Government and rights; Jobs and employment; Money, debt and fines; Older people; Traffic and driving; Young people.  Any of the Legal Aid pamphlets would be useful in your library.

  • Are you applying for an AVO? 
  • Are you having problems with fines?
  • Are you being squeezed for a debt?
  • Crashed your car? 
  • Drink driving charges and you
  • Drugs, driving and you 
For young people
  • Get court smart
  • Get street smart 
  • Ripped off – your rights about unpaid wages and entitlements at work
For older people
  • Legal issues for older people. An excellent series of pamphlets covering a range of topics.
  • Legal topics for seniors booklet
  • Domestic violence - help at court 
  • Police powers

Check the Legal Aid publications page to find the most recent version of the pamphlet.


Energy & Water Ombudsman NSW (EWON)

The Energy & Water Ombudsman NSW (EWON) is a free, fair, and independent dispute resolution service for electricity and gas customers, and some water customers, in NSW. 

You can order general EWON publications and resources for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities from their Order publications page.

They also have easy to understand factsheets in 40 languages about how EWON can help resolve issues with energy or water providers, opening/closing accounts and payment assistance, as well as videos in Mandarin and Arabic. See their Information in other languages page to download and order the factsheets and see the videos.

Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC)

The ACCC publishes pamphlets on consumer related topics.  Click on the pamphlet you need and add the quantity you need to the shopping cart.

Recommended pamphlets from the ACCC are:

  • Consumer guarantees - repair replace refund
  • The little black book of scams

Check the ACCC's Top 5 publications page to find the most recent version of the pamphlet.

The ACCC also has fact sheets and pamphlets about about consumer law for consumers with a disability:

  • Consumers with disability: where to go for advice or complaints - helps you find the right place to go if you need advice or have a complaint.
  • Your consumer rights: a guide for consumers with disability - this guide is designed to help you understand and use the rights that the law gives you as a consumer. It includes a complaint letter template and a services cancellation notice template.
  • Information for consumers with disability - this factsheet provides a short summary of your consumer rights and the steps you can take to resolve problems.
  • Your rights when you buy something - written in easy English and designed for people who have difficulty reading and understanding written English. It is also available in eight community languages.

NSW Ageing & Disability Commission

You can download or order a range of resources dealing with elder abuse from the NSW Ageing & Disability Commission.

These included information in community languages and in easy to read format.

Order copies using their online order form.

Tenants' Union of NSW

You can download fact sheets on a wide range of issues relating to tenancy in NSW from the Tenant's Union.

You can also download fact sheets for Aboriginal rentersEasy Read fact sheets and fact sheets in community languages.

LawAccess NSW

LawAccess NSW is a free government telephone service that provides legal information, referrals and in some cases, advice for people who have a legal problem in NSW.

LawAccess promotional material can be ordered from their publications page.

Displaying your pamphlets

  • Pamphlet stands - we recommend stands suppied by Taymar or Raeco
  • Signs for your stands - please use these wherever possible to promote your pamphlets - PDF icon Portrait and PDF icon Landscape