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Youth Week promotion

Use your Find Legal Answers resources to promote awareness of legal issues to young people

Did you know that children as young as 11 can be issued with a fine? Or that people under 18 can sign a contract? That apprentices have the same rights as other employees? Or that people under 18 have to give their name to the police if they are drinking alcohol in a public place? Line drawing of two people with images of a screen, id card and scales of justice

Day-to-day life can bring out a lot of legal problems which can be frightening and stressful for young people. It is important that young people know their rights, and where to get help. 

NSW Youth Week is being held from 20 to 30 April 2023. This year's theme is Connect. Participate. Celebrate.

Many libraries are involved in events and activities during Youth Week. You don't have to host a legal talk or have a law theme - whatever events you are planning, Youth Week is a great opportunity to let the young people in your community know about the law.

Social media

One of the simplest ways to let your community know about the law and where to get help is via social media. Check our youth social media campaign to find sample posts and images to use across your channels. 

Youth quiz

One simple way to provide information about the law is to display the PDF icon Find Legal Answers youth quiz poster in your youth area or at your events. The poster has a QR code that links to a quiz dealing with legal issues relevant to young people.

The Legal information for young people page links to online booklets, factsheets and sources of legal help for young people.

The help sheets below highlight some of the resources available on the website. 

Why not move your Tool Kit to your youth area during Youth Week? Or have it on display during your events and programs? Or display the Tool Kit flyer?

Young people can have problems with many areas of the law and it's a good opportunity to show them that information is available in the library.

You may wish to order copies of legal pamphlets to display or give away at your events. To order, go to Legal Aid's Order a publication page and look under the Young people topic.


The following posters are available for display:

  • A poster is available in the NSW Youth Week media kit
  • The Legal Aid NSW When can I? poster sets out the age young people are legally able to do certain things, for example getting a job, getting a piercing.

Promotional material

Display your Find Legal Answers promotional material in places where young people will see it. 

Tell us about your event

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