Youth Week promotion

Use your Find Legal Answers resources to promote awareness of legal issues to young people

Many libraries are involved in events and activities during Youth Week. You can use your Find Legal Answers resources to promote awareness of legal issues during Youth Week and at other times of the year.

Find Legal Answers website

The Legal information for young people page links to online booklets, factsheets and sources of legal help for young people.

Legal information for young people

Subject resource sheets

The following subject resource sheets show you how to find information on the Find Legal Answers website, highlighting some of the resources available. You can print these out and add them to your showbags or promotional material.

Information resources to promote


Use these books from your Find Legal Answers Tool Kit in library displays: 

  • Fined out: a practical guide for people having problems with fines
  • The Law handbook - there are lots of chapters relevant and of interest to young people including:
    • Chapter 7 Children and young people
    • Chapter 20 Driving and traffic law
    • Chapter 21 Drug offences
    • Chapter 22 Employment
    • Chapter 27 Housing


Legal Aid NSW has a number of free pamphlets you can order. Go to the Order a publication page and select the Young people topic. Recommended pamphlets are:

  • Get court smart (Booklet)
  • Get street smart: Under 18s: know your legal rights (Booklet)
  • What are my legal rights? (Booklet)

Planning an event

Legal Aid NSW provides specialised legal education sessions for young people, teachers and community workers that promote a better understanding of the law and how it can affect young people. Specialist solicitors from the Community Legal Education Branch help young people to know their rights, understand their responsibilities and know where to go if they need help. You may wish to partner with Legal Aid to host a talk in your library.

Legal Aid's When Can I? page has information about the age young people are legally able to do certain things, eg get a job, see a doctor alone. There is also an online Kahoot quiz.

Legal Aid workshops When can I? 

Promotion and reporting

Promotional material

Promotional material items such as bookmarks, brochures, magnets and showbags are available to order for your event or activity.

Promotional material


IMPORTANT! Don't forget to report your event or activity via our online form.

Report your youth week event

Social Media

Twitter, Facebook and other forms of social media are effective methods of communication. You could use these channels to provide links to useful online resources in order to promote legal information.

Use the youth social media campaign to let the young people in your community know about the legal information available to them.

Youth campaign