indyreads Frequently Asked Questions

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What is indyreads™?

indyreads™ is a local eContent management platform which can host ePUB, PDF, MP3 & MP4 files, apply DRM and circulate digital titles to NSW public library registered card holders. 

The indyreads™ platform is the culmination of a successful pilot project which explored how public libraries could best deliver local digital content to their communities. The indyreads platform will provide the technical infrastructure and legal framework to allow public libraries to operate as aggregators of locally important content, helping to assist libraries to build digital collections which reflect the diversity and vibrancy of their local communities.

Digitised books, manuscripts, ephemera, oral histories, music and video content from the participating public libraries local studies collections can also be uploaded onto the platform to enhance community access to important cultural resources.

indyreads™ will contain an opening collection of statewide licensed eBook titles sourced from Australian independent publishers, a selection of titles in languages other than English as well as international content including reference, modern literary, classic fiction and non-fiction titles.  The aim is to continually develop and grow the statewide collection.

All NSW public libraries will receive a copy of the NSW Public Library Agreement for the Purchasing of Electronic Content to facilitate the direct acquisition of content from community authors, historians and local publishers.

How does a NSW public library register for indyreads™?

An indyreads™ agreement and a request for SIP2 server details was forwarded to all NSW public library managers in December 2018. Once receives a signed copy of the agreement and SIP2 server details the indyreads™ platform will be configured for access by the library's registered card members. 

To obtain a copy of the agreement please contact

Are there any costs for participation (now and in the future)?

The indyreads™ platform is available to NSW public libraries at no cost. This provides NSW public library registered card members with access to the statewide licensed consortia collection. Public libraries can also upload digitised local studies content (manuscripts, oral histories and transcripts, eBooks and ephemera) at no cost. Community licensed digitised content (eBooks) can also be uploaded free of charge.  

The indyreads™ platform contains an opt-in Odilo Marketplace from which libraries can select content exclusively for use by their members (this is called a segmented collection). Any content purchased by a library from the Odilo Marketplace would be debited to the service along with the associated DRM fees.  There is no requirement for a library to purchase any content from the Odilo Marketplace. To find out further information about the Odilo Marketplace please contact

How does a library patron access and borrow an indyreads™ eBook or Audio title?

After a public library signs and returns the indyreads™ agreement along with the SIP2 server details for their library management system, patron authentication for their members will be configured. The library will receive the indyreads™ URL, logo and platform description which is to be placed on the appropriate section of the library website.

The library member has three options to search and download indyreads™ titles.  They can go directly to the indyreads™ browser portal or access the indyreads™ catalogue via the Android or IOS apps. User guides for the app and browser versions are available.

Library patrons can also access titles via the library catalogue, whereby they will be redirected to the indyreads™ portal to borrow a desired title. In order to do so, the library must import the indyreads™ MARC records into their catalogue.

Can a 'temporary online registered member’ access indyreads™?

No, a person who has joined a library via an online membership form and has not had their address verified is not permitted to access the indyreads™ platform™. 

Does indyreads™ support Android and IOS devices?

Yes, there are dedicated indyreads™ apps for Android and IOS devices available in the Apple Marketplace and Google PLAY stores. User guides are available.

Will there be training for public library staff? will provide user guides, manuals and training to public library staff throughout the statewide rollout. 

Can indyreads™ be deeply integrated into our library management system via an API?

Yes, indyreads™ can be deeply integrated into the Aurora AIT and SIRSI Dynix library management system via RESTful API. Once configured this allows a library patron to search, discover and download indyreads™ titles from within the library online catalogue. 

If you use Aurora AIT or SIRSI Dynix and would like to configure deep integration with indyreads™ please contact

What is the indyreads™ statewide licensed collection and how does it complement our existing eBook collection?

The indyreads™ platform will contain an opening collection of approximately 9000 statewide licensed eBook titles sourced from Australian independent publishers, a selection of titles in languages other than English as well as international content including, small press and indie genre fiction, reference, modern literary, classic fiction and non-fiction titles. 

How can a library make suggestions for purchase for the statewide licensed collection?

A suggestion for purchase for an individual title or a collection of works from a publisher can be made via the patron account, 'suggestion for purchase' section or by contacting directly. 

The key requirements are that the work(s) is by an Australian author or Australian publisher. The emphasis is on titles published by independent Australian publishers.  

The aim of the statewide collection is to provide a broad range of titles beyond the bestsellers which typically form the core of public library digital collections.  Content from Australian publishers which are not readily available through traditional library distribution channels will also be prioritised. will investigate opportunities to expand the list of ILMS capable of deep integration with the indyreads™ platform.

Can we upload digitised or digital local studies content and if so what type of content?

In phase two of the indyreads™ rollout, interested NSW public libraries will be permitted to upload digitised or digital local studies content onto the indyreads™ platform. The types of material which will be permissible include manuscripts, ephemera, oral histories and transcripts and history books. 

The platform is not designed to host images and as such no image collections are to be uploaded. 

How can we upload content sourced from our local authors, historians and publisher?

The State Library of NSW has created a bespoke agreement to facilitate the licensing of content by NSW public libraries from local authors, historians and publishers. Phase 3 of the indyreads™ rollout will provide the NSW public library network with the necessary resources and training to license and upload community content.

Can my library buy content from the indyreads™ marketplace exclusively for our members?

The indyreads™ platform has an opt-in Odilo Marketplace which contains over one million titles. Public libraries can select content exclusively for use by their members from the Marketplace (segmented collection). Any content purchased by a library from the Marketplace would be debited to the service along with the associated DRM fees. If you are interested in having a marketplace account set up for your service please contact

What type of formats can be hosted on the indyreads™ platform?

The following formats can be hosted on indyreads™: EPUB, PDF, MP3 & MP4.

Can clients reserve books in indyreads™?

Yes, a registered library card holder can reserve a title which is out on loan.  To do so a client must be logged into the indyreads™ platform.  Please refer to the user guides.

Will additional copies of a book be added if there are a lot of reserves on it?

Yes, once a title has five holds a new copy will be purchased. 

Can we import the MARC records from indyreads™ into our catalogue?

Yes, please refer to technical support.

Can our library obtain usage statistics?

Basic statistics (loan, download, borrower and title) can be obtained by the designated administrator at each library. Instructions will be available in the indyreads™ technical support section.

What support will the State Library provide?

The State Library of NSW will provide staff training on the indyreads™ platform and apps as well as a collection of user guides and technical manuals.  The State Library will also provide Secondary Support to NSW public libraries in the circumstance whereby the library cannot resolve an issue using the supplied user guides and technical manuals.

What is the difference between Primary Support and Secondary Support?

Primary Support is provided by the public library service to library patrons to assist with questions relating to the use of the indyreads™ platform and Android and IOS indyreads™ apps. This includes questions relating to search, discovery, loans, return and general app navigation.

Secondary Support is provided by the State Library of NSW to public libraries to assist in the resolution of user questions which are not covered in the support material and technical issues with the indyreads™ platform and Android and IOS apps.

If we cannot resolve a technical issue after referring to the indyreads™ support page what should we do?

Contact the staff via the Contact Us form, selecting indyreads™ as the topic.

How will the State Library select the libraries to be involved in the initial set up of indyreads™? Can I put my library forward?

For the initial set-up will work with a handful of libraries which use a cross section of library management systems. If you are interested in participating in the first batch of libraries to be set-up for indyreads™ please contact The library service must agree to allocate sufficient staff resources for the set-up, testing and rollout of the platform within an agreed timeframe.

If I am not selected in the initial group when will my library get access to indyreads?

The aim is to have all NSW public libraries set-up to utilise the indyreads™ platform by 2020. 

What are the obligations for participating libraries?

Each participating council agrees to:

  • Provide the SLNSW with the SIP2 server intake parameters as specified in the form forwarded to library managers and provide a patron account for testing purposes.
  • Cooperate with the SLNSW and the technology vendor Odilo to configure authentication between the LMS and Odilo TK platform.
  • Designate an appropriate staff member as the main point of contact for the indyreads™ project to assist with set-up and ongoing project related communication pertaining to marketing, training and technical support.
  • Promote and publicise the indyreads™ eBook collection to library clients using marketing materials developed by the State Library of NSW.
  • Create appropriate catalogue records for local studies digitised content and community acquired titles licensed by the library and imported onto the indyreads™ platform.
  • To import catalogue records for the statewide consortia collection from the indyreads™ administration portal into your LMS catalogue.
  • To perform primary support for authorized readers (card holders) using the indyreads™ platform. The State Library of NSW and Odilo will provide secondary support by e-mail, chat, video conferencing and phone, including documentation and training.
  • Comply with the terms and conditions for the acquisition and use of digital content as outlined in the NSW Public Library Agreement for the Purchasing of Electronic Content and associated guidelines to be forwarded to the NSW public library network.
  • Ensure that any content uploaded onto the platform adheres to the library's collection development policy and agree to remove content if directed by the State Library of NSW.  
  • Adhere to the guidelines provided by the State Library of NSW for the selection and importing of digitised local studies content onto the indyreads™ platform. 
  • Assure that access to digital rights managed content is restricted registered readers (card holders) of the library as authenticated by the library’s automated management system.
  • Respond appropriately to any misuse by a reader (card holder) your service’s public library clients.