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Indyreads is a local eContent management platform, provided by the State Library of NSW via NSW public libraries. This platform enables public libraries to provide free access to eBooks and eAudio. Two rows of book covers

The aim of indyreads is to ensure that NSW public libraries can offer their clients a diverse collection of quality Australian and overseas published works.

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For launch

We’re excited to announce a new partnership with @statelibrarynsw that gives our readers access to thousands of new Australian and international ebooks! Just ask our staff about indyreads. #indyreadsNSW #NSWPublicLibraries

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Multicoloured book covers and text "Bringing lost Aussie classics back to life" with indyreads logo


#DidYouKnow that most Australian books are now out of print? The Untapped project is bringing 150+ classic books back to life, republished and made available online through #indyreads. 

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Wish you were here book cover with indyreads logo and text "The world is just a click away"

Armchair Travel

Travel memoirs, foreign cultures and fiction from faraway places. The best in travel in eBook and eAudio is just a click away on indyreads. #indyreadsNSW #NSWPublicLibraries

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art book cover

Arts & Crafts

From paint, paper, crochet and more - our Arts & Crafts selection has something to keep all ages and interests engaged and flexing their creative muscles #indyreadsNSW #NSWPublicLibraries

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Girl, woman, other book cover with indyreads promo

Award Winners

With winners of Pulitzers, Man Booker, Miles Franklin awards and more, you can find your next modern masterpiece on indyreads. #indyreadsNSW #NSWPublicLibraries

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book cover on blue background with indyreads logo

Big Ideas

With philosophers, scientists, historians, activists and more, find big ideas on indyreads. #indyreadsNSW #NSWPublicLibraries

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book cover rebel indyreads logo blue background


Explore the lives of heroes, everyday folk and historical figures in these great biographies on #indyreadsNSW #NSWpubliclibraries 

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book cover on blue background with indyreads logo


Sharpen your business skills or develop your next bold idea. Learn from leading business minds on indyreads. #indyreadsNSW #NSWPublicLibraries

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Funny Kid book cover with indyreads promotion


You're never too young to explore our range of children's books on indyreads. From homegrown Aussie tales to colourful characters and enduring classics, there's plenty to keep young imaginations interested. #indyreadsNSW #NSWPublicLibraries

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#indyreadsNSW #NSWPublicLibraries

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Wuthering heights book cover with indyreads promotion


With the greatest authors, and books that stand the test of time, your next classic read is waiting on indyreads, with a huge selection of enduring literature available on eBook and Audio. #indyreadsNSW #NSWPublicLibraries

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I looked away book cover with indyreads promotion


Find your next chilling read on indyreads. With shocking true crime and the best in crime fiction, a suspenseful journey awaits on eBook and eAudio. #indyreadsNSW #NSWPublicLibraries

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Queen and the Tower book cover on indyreads promotional logo and blue background


Find your next fantasy read on indyreads. Magical worlds, fantastical creatures and more await on eBook and eAudio. #indyreadsNSW #NSWPublicLibraries

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gardening book cover indyreads


Get your garden blooming through the year, from windowsills to worm farms and beyond - there is a garden for everyone #indyreadsNSW #NSWPublicLibraries

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Book cover Born Into This on blue background

History Week 2021

This year's History Week theme is "From the ground up". Find fresh historical perspectives and voices on indyreads #indyreadsNSW #NSWPublicLibraries

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The Girl in Red book cover with indyreads promotion


Find a blood-curdling read on indyreads. From the terrifying to the macabre, an eerie, supernatural adventure awaits. #indyreadsNSW #NSWPublicLibraries

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Black Sunday book cover with indyreads promotion

International Women's Day 2021

This year's IWD theme is #ChooseToChallenge. Challenge biases and assumptions with thought provoking, powerful female writing on indyreads. #indyreadsNSW #NSWPublicLibraries #IWD2021 #ChooseToChallenge

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proud purple rainbow fist LGBTQI book cover


A rainbow of titles, genres and authors exploring the diverse experiences of LGBTQI+ people and communities #indyreadsNSW #NSWPublicLibraries

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book cover naidoc week chelsea watego promo image

Acknowledge and celebrate #NAIDOC Week by exploring these #FirstNations stories on #indyreads #NSWPublicLibraries

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Birds of Australia book cover with indyreads promotion


Get back to the earth with indyreads. Featuring eBooks and eAudio on science, the animal world and more, marvel at the world around you. #indyreadsNSW #NSWPublicLibraries

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poetry book cover flower


Fill your life with poetry. Featuring international and Australian, classic and contemporary poets and everything in between  #indyreadsNSW #NSWPublicLibraries

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quirky reads social media promotions
Quirky Reads

Try something different with these #QuirkyReads #indyreadsNSW #NSWPublic Libraries

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indyreads refugee stories promotion social media
Refugee Stories

Every refugee has a unique experience. Take a moment to increase your understanding with these #refugeestories #indyreadsNSW #NSWPublicLibraries


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romance tangled vines couple in a vineyard book cover



Hearts will flutter with our selection of romance titles - from rural to regency,  historical to contemporary and right through to paranormal #indyreadsNSW #NSWPublicLibraries


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Acest volum și alte titluri asemănătoare sunt disponibile în limba română 
pentru împrumut acum #indyreadsNSW #NSWPublicLibraries


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The Martian book cover with indyreads logo on blue background


Journey to another world with indyreads. The best in science fiction available on eBook and eAudio. #indyreadsNSW #NSWPublicLibraries

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indyreads spanish promotion social media


Ahora le ofrecemos acceso a una colección interesante de e-libros y audio libros en #español #indyreads #NSWPublicLibraries

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Heartland book cover with indyreads promotion


With sports of every kind covered, pick up your next classic catch on indyreads. #indyreadsNSW #NSWPublicLibraries

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Mad book cover with indyreads promotion

Summer Reading

Whether on the beach, by the pool or just around the house, your next holiday read is waiting on indyreads. #indyreadsNSW #NSWPublicLibraries

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westerns book cover horse silhouette



Saddle up for a ride through the wonderful world of Westerns. These stories are waiting for you to download for free on #indyreadsNSW #NSWPublicLibraries


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Carve the mark book cover with indyreads promo

Young Adult

Get books for teens and young adults online for free with indyreads. You'll find all the latest from authors like John Marsden, Suzanne Collins and Simmone Howell. You’ll be spoiled for choice with our ever-growing selection. Download them here with your library card. #indyreadsNSW #NSWPublicLibraries

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