About Tech Savvy Seniors

Many older Australians are at risk of being digitally excluded in an ever increasing online and digitally connected world. Seniors represent a large and growing segment of the Australian population.  According to the Australian Digital Inclusion Index, seniors are the most digitally excluded age group in Australia. 

The Tech Savvy Seniors digital literacy training program was designed to help seniors develop the skills and confidence to get connected and participate in the online world. The program aims to increase digital inclusion, reduce social isolation and increase access to online information and services among older people.

Tech Savvy Seniors in NSW is funded by the NSW Government (through the Department of Communities and Justice) and Telstra. Training is delivered free of charge in NSW public libraries, and at a low cost through NSW community colleges. The program is a key commitment of the NSW Government’s Ageing well in NSW: Seniors Strategy 2021 to 2031. 

Over 30,000 seniors have been trained in more than 100 NSW public libraries since 2013. 

The program provides training sessions at beginner, intermediate and advanced levels on the use of computers, tablets, smartphones, and online applications such as email, social media banking and shopping.  Sessions are designed to be fun and hands-on, and to assist seniors with everyday online tasks relating to business, communication and recreation.

Training is offered in English and the following community languages: Arabic, Cantonese, Hindi, Italian, Greek, Korean, Mandarin, Spanish and Vietnamese.

Read the Social Return on Investment Tech Savvy Seniors which outlines the social impact of the Tech Savvy Seniors program for seniors from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds.