Image submission guidelines

A good image can give your article instant appeal.

A good image can give your article instant appeal - vibrant colours, good lighting and interesting composition are worth considering.

Guidelines for publication

Images must be print quality (300 DPI or over 500 KB) and submitted in jpeg format.

Please do not submit collages i.e. one image that is a collage of multiple images. The images are often too small to see when compiled in collages. If we need any more images, we will contact you.

Save your image file with the name of your library or council and a brief description, e.g. Coffs Harbour_new pop-up library.

If you are providing images, you will need to have permission to reproduce the photo in print and online formats. By sending us your photos you are acknowledging that you have permission to reproduce them (including permission from anyone identifiable in the photo), and you are agreeing to them being used in State Library print and online publications such as In the Libraries, social media and websites. If you do not want photos to be used online please do not send them.

Please provide an image caption that would make sense to someone reading your article and who does not know what the image is about.

See the following links for some tips on taking photos with your phone: