Use the the signage to promote the bulk loan service, LOTE collections on indyreads and to offer a welcoming message to your multicultural communities.

Multicultural bulk loan service

Digital signage

Please ask us

Portrait and landscape images are available for use in your library's digital screens. They list the languages available for bulk loan, in English and each language, with the message 'Please ask us'.  

Package icon Digital signage


Please ask us

This poster can be printed in A4 or A3 for display in your library if you do not have digital screens. It lists the languages available for bulk loan, in English and each language, with the message 'Please ask us'.  

PDF icon Poster

Please ask at your local public library 

This poster has been created to share with your community partners such as migrant resource centres, your local shopping centre, local government agencies and others where members of the community attend. It lists the languages available for bulk loan, in English and each language, with the message 'Please ask at your local public library'.

PDF icon Poster for community organisations

Multicultural flyer

You can order bundles of the double-sided multicultural flyer to promote the multicultural bulk loan service.

Display these in your library, share them with your community partners and take them with you when you are doing outreach activities.

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indyreads has resources to support multicultural communities, including collections in 10 languages other than English and a collection of audiobooks to learn English.

Collections of ebooks and audiobooks to read and listen to are available in the following languages: Chinese, French, German, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Spanish and Vietnamese.

The Pimsleur collection has audiobooks to learn English with instructions in 13 languages: Arabic, Chinese Simplified and Traditional, French, German, Hindi, Italian, Korean, Persian (Farsi), Portuguese (Brazilian), Russian, Spanish and Vietnamese.

Promote these by displaying the digital signage in your library, or use the images and suggested posts on your social media channels.

PDF icon Suggested social media posts for multicultural resources

Package icon indyreads_LOTE

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Welcome signage

These signs have been designed for public libraries with the word 'welcome' in different languages.  These can be used in electronic signage displays or printed and displayed as a poster.

  • Blue sign: this sign has 'Welcome' in: Japanese, Bulgarian, German, Chinese, Italian, Russian, French, Slovak, Polish, Dinka, Nepali and Torres Strait language.
  • Green sign: this sign has 'Welcome' in: Korean, Slovenian, Croatian,  Vietnamese, Greek, Kurdish, Hindi, Portuguese, Serbian, Romanian and Burmese.
  • Red sign: this sign has 'Welcome' in Maori, Dutch, Ukrainian, Hungarian, Swahili, Punjabi, Tamil, Spanish, Turkish and Danish.
  • Yellow sign: this sign has 'Welcome' in Indonesian, Macedonian, Swedish, Hebrew, Arabic, Urdu, Tagalog, Finnish, Maltese, Thai and Torres Strait language.