2019/20 four year funding package

$60 Million Commitment from 2019/20

The Premier, the Hon Gladys Berejiklian, and the Minister for the Arts, the Hon Don Harwin announced a significant new public library funding package on 24 August 2018, totalling $60M over the forward estimates to 2022/23. 

This is the largest single commitment to increasing public library funding by the NSW Government since the Library Act was introduced in 1939, and the State Library is excited at the prospect of working with NSW councils to ensure that these funds significantly improve public libraries statewide.  

$59 million of this package will be allocated through the Public Library Funding Strategy managed by the State Library, while $1 million is managed by Service NSW for the roll-out of e-kiosks to public libraries.

The staging of the increase is as follows:

  2019/20 2020/21 2021/22 2022/23
Additional Public Library funding $12.95M $14.03M $15.09M $16.94M
Service NSW $0.25M $0.25M $0.25M $0.25M
Total $13.2M $14.28M $15.34M $17.19M

The components of the Funding Strategy that will increase as a result of the additional funding are the Per Capita Subsidies, Subsidy Adjustments, the Outback Letterbox Library and the Public Library Infrastructure Grants.

The per capita amount for subsidy will increase annually from the current $1.85 per head and reach $2.85 per head by 2022/23. This is a 54% increase in per capita subsidy payments by 2022/23 for all councils. Libraries Amendment (Subsidies) Regulation 2019

Year New per capita amount
2019/20 $2.45
2020/21 $2.55
2021/22 $2.65
2022/23 $2.85