Caring for the collections

Collection care

Collection care ensures that the Library’s rich and extensive collections are available to all those who wish to use them.

Digital Preservation

Preserving the digital collections including born-digital materials  and digitised materials for people to access now and in the future. 

Fact sheets

Care of paper based materials

Paper-based materials are relatively fragile, however, there are ways that you can preserve their longevity.

Caring for photographs

Each photographic process is unique but general guidelines may be given about their care, storage and use.

Dealing with mould

Mould can not only damage paper based materials but is a significant health risk.

Storage of newspapers

Newspapers are generally not made to last. In order to prolong their life a number of steps may be taken, the most vital of these being adequate storage.

Drying a wet book

How to dry a wet book carefully without damaging it.

Smoke and odour removal

How to rescue paper based materials that have been affected by smoke or odours.

Further information about collection care

The Collection Care Branch can help with information about preserving, storing and protecting your collections.