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Each month, Ask a Librarian receives about 350 questions.
These are some recent examples:

? I am looking for an article that appeared in Tight Lines, the journal of the New South Wales Rod Fishers’ Society, in 1948. It relates to a trout called Dooly (or Dooley) at the Pemberton trout hatchery in Western Australia.

! Not a fish called Wanda, but a rainbow trout called Dooly (or Dooley) was famous in Australia in the 1940s, and regularly performed for the public at the Pemberton hatcheries in Western Australia.
Dooly’s tricks included swimming at high speed, jumping out of the water, and being fed by hand. He occasionally got into fights with some of the other trout, and at one stage needed to be nursed back to health with a special diet and salt-water massages.
After his death in 1948, he was mummified on a plaque at the Pemberton hatcheries.
The State Library holds copies of the journal Tight Lines, which includes an article about Dooly in the March 1948 issue. Some of his exploits can also be read in digitised newspapers on Trove.