Caring for your collections

A handy set of fact sheets with information about preserving, storing and protecting your collections.

If you are looking to have conservation work performed on your own collections, we recommend you contact the Australian Institute for the Conservation of Cultural Materials (AICCM). The AICCM is a national organisation for conservators and people interested in the preservation of cultural material, and provides an online directory of conservators in private practice and guidelines for commissioning conservation treatment.

Fact sheets

Care of paper-based materials

General advice on caring for paper-based materials like books, photos, documents and more.

Caring for photographs

Photographs are vital visual memories that need to be protected. Here are some suggestions on how to best care for them.

Dealing with mould

Mould can not only damage paper based materials but is a significant health risk.

Storage of newspapers

Newspapers are generally not made to last. In order to prolong their life a number of steps may be taken, the most vital of these being adequate storage.

Drying a wet book

How to dry a wet book carefully without damaging it.

Smoke and odour removal

How to rescue paper based materials that have been affected by smoke or odours.