What the Library collects

The Library collects in depth material on New South Wales and a broad and representative range of published and original material on Australia and internationally.

Gloved hands handling objects wrapped in brown paper and string

The Library collects material that documents life in New South Wales, from the first years of British settlement to the present day. The intention is to create a collection that reflects the history of New South Wales in both the Australian and international contexts.

Under legal deposit, the Library receives material published in New South Wales so as to preserve and make accessible the published record of New South Wales.

The Library collects a broad and representative range of published and original material, including rare printed material, originating in Australia and internationally. 

The Library also collects material to support an information service for the people of New South Wales and so provide a foundation for the Library’s partnership with New South Wales public libraries meeting the information needs of their communities.

The Library’s collecting is guided by the Collection Development Policy and complimenting strategies and priorities including our First Nations Collecting strategy

The Library welcomes offers of material for the collection. Further information is available at Collection Acquisitions .