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Cooking the books

Ever wonder how delicious old recipes actually are? 

Why not test out a cookbook from the collection!

Oysters four ways

A recipe from The English and Australian Cookery Book: Cookery for the many, as well as for the upper ten thousand, 1864, by Edward Abbott.

Whipt syllabubs

A recipe from The Art of Cookery, Made Plain and Easy, 1747, by Hannah Glasse.

Sunderland gingerbread nuts

A recipe from The Book of Household Management, 1861, by Isabella Beeton.

Fish pie

A recipe from The Kookaburra Cookery Book, 1911, by the Committee of The Lady Victoria Buxton Girls' Club.

Salad platters

A 1950s recipe from Australian Women’s Weekly Picture Cookery.

Melon ball cocktail

A recipe, reproduced in the Australian Women’s Weekly Cookery for Parties, 1940s.

Spring chicken

A meal for a queen from the Australian Women’s Weekly Picture Cookery Book, 1956. 

Strawberry meringue

A recipe submitted Mrs V Walliker of Port Fairy, Victoria to the Australian Women's Weekly in the 1950s.

Choose your own recipe from a cookbook in the collection!


The economic housewife's & beekeeper's guide to cookery / by An experienced Australian cook.
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Simpson's book of kitchen magic
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The English and Australian cookery book : cookery for the many, as well as for the upper ten thousand / by an Australian aristologist
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