Printing, copying and scanning

We offer self-service printing, copying and scanning in the Library reading rooms.

This includes Web Print from your own laptop or mobile device when connected to the Library’s free wi-fi.

You can also order copies of material from the Library's collections, such as an article from a journal or a chapter from a rare book, or copies of images and archival prints from the Library's collections.

You will need a Library card or a copy card to use the self-service multi-function devices (MFDs) and reload kiosks in the Library. Both cards are available at service points in the reading rooms. Credit can then be added to your card at one of the reload kiosks.

MFDs and reload kiosks can be found on both floors of the Governor Marie Bashir Reading Room, and in the Special Collections area of the Mitchell Library Reading Room.

You will need to speak to staff before copying material from the Library’s special collections.


The kiosk accepts:

  • all Australian denominations, except 5c coins and $100 notes
  • all major credit and debit cards (except American Express), including contactless smartphone payments.

Change cannot be provided.

    A4 A3
Black and white Single-sided $0.20 $0.30
Double-sided $0.30 $0.45
Colour Single-sided $1.20 $2.00
Double-sided $1.50 $3.00


  • Scanning is free of charge.
  • You can scan to email, or scan large files directly to USB.
  • Please keep in mind that copyright restrictions still apply.


Web Printing

  • You can use Web Print to print from your own device via the Library’s free 'State Library of NSW' wi-fi.
  • Printing from an iPad or iPhone is limited to photos, or documents in your iCloud Drive.

Library Computers

There are free Library computers throughout the Governor Marie Bashir Reading Room that you can use to print.

USB Printing

You can print from USB on all self-service printers. The USB port is on the left-hand side of the printer screen.

Using your own equipment

  • Speak to staff before you copy Library material with your own equipment including cameras, phones and hand-held scanners. You may need to complete a form before you copy material with your own equipment.
  • Scanners are not allowed in the Special Collections area. Find out more about using your own equipment in the Special Collections area.

You can print or copy Library material provided you meet the requirements of the Australian Copyright Act 1968 and any special requirements that apply to material that's original, unpublished or culturally sensitive.

Information on copyright provided by the Library does not constitute legal advice. If in doubt, seek legal advice before copying a work.

Find out more about copyright.