The Library is open over the October long weekend, with reduced hours on Monday 2 October 2023. View the long weekend opening hours here.

Wi-fi printing

 Wifi printing is available from the Library's onsite public/wifi network. If you are accessing the links to web printing from off site, the links will not work. 

Connecting to wi-fi


When you're visiting the Library, you can print from your own device via the free State Library of NSW wi-fi using PaperCut Web Print.  This allows you to send files from your device to any printer in the Library.

You will need a Library card or a copy card to use PaperCut Web Print. Both cards are available at service points in the reading rooms. Credit can then be added to your Library card or copy card at one of the reload kiosks. See the Printing, copying and scanning page for more pricing information.

From most devices, you can print:

  • PDF files
  • documents (doc, docx, rtf, txt, wpd and wps)
  • spreadsheets (xls, xlsx and xlr)
  • images (jpg, jpeg, png, tiff, gif and bmp)
  • data files such as PowerPoint (ppt, pptx, csv, pps and xml)

If printing from a web browser, we suggest first saving the webpage as a PDF or copying the content to a text editor/word processor such as Notepad or Word.

PaperCut Web Print is supported on devices running Windows, Android and Mac OS X.

Important note for Apple iOS devices (iPad and iPhone): You can only print documents saved in your iCloud Drive, or photos saved in the Apple Photos app.

How to print from your device

  1. Connect to the free State Library of NSW wi-fi

    • To check your connection, go to any webpage. eg.

    • If you can’t browse the internet, check if you’re connected to the State Library of NSW network in your device’s wi-fi or network settings.

  2. Go to PaperCut Web Print

  3. Log in with your Library/copy card number and Web Print password

  4. Go to Web Print in the left menu, then Submit a Job to begin.

  5. Choose from the two printing options, then Print Options and Account Selection to continue.

    • Global Printer BW for black & white printing

    • Global Printer Colour for colour printing

  6. Select number of copies to print, then Upload Documents.

  7. Browse to find your file location in the pop-up window. Select your file and Open.
    (If printing from iOS (iPhone or iPad), you can only print from your Photo Album or iCloud Drive.)

  8. When you’ve selected required documents, Upload & Complete.

  9. Go to a printer, swipe your card to login and release your print jobs.

  10. Collect your documents and LOG OUT from the printer.

Note: Documents will be deleted from the print system after 48 hours.