Wi-fi printing

connecting to wi-fi

You can print from your own device via the free State Library of NSW wi-fi using  GESPAGe wi-fi printing 

Gespage allows you to send files from your device, to any printer in the Library.

From most devices, you can print:

  • PDF files

  • documents (doc, docx, rtf, txt, wpd and wps)

  • spreadsheets (xls, xlsx and xlr)

  • images (jpg, jpeg, png, tiff, gif and bmp)

  • data files such as PowerPoint (ppt, pptx, csv, pps and xml)

Printing from browsers isn’t available, but you can save the webpage as a PDF or copy the content to a text editor/word processor such as Notepad or Word.

Wi-fi printing is supported on devices running Windows, Android and Mac OS X.

Important note for Apple iOS devices (iPad and iPhone): You can only print documents saved in your iCloud Drive, or photos saved in the Apple Photos app.


  A4 A3
Black and White $0.20 $0.30
Colour $1.20 $2.40


Adding credit

You will need a Library card or copy card to print. Both are available at service points in the reading rooms. Credit can then be added to your Library card or copy card at one of the reading rooms kiosks.

Kiosks are located on both floors of the Governor Marie Bashir Reading Room, as well as in the Special Collections are of the Mitchell Library Reading Room. 

Important information:

  • Change cannot be provided

  • The kiosk accepts:

    • all Australian denominations, except 5c coins and $100 notes

    • all major credit and debit cards. Cards must have a built-in ‘chip’.

How to print from your device

  1. Connect to the State Library of NSW wi-fi

  2. Go to GESPAGE

  3. Login with your Library card or copy card number

  4. Click Choose file to find the file on your computer

  5. Select the file and click Open

  6. Click Upload

  7. Click Next to continue with printing. You can also View or Delete the file.

  8. Select the settings for your print job, such as the colour and paper size and click Next

  9. Review your print job including the cost and click Print to send it to the Library's printers

  10. Click Finished to print another file or Logout

  11. Go to any printer in the Library and swipe your card to print