Printing from your own device

Follow these steps to print documents from your laptop, tablet or mobile phone. You'll need to connect to the free wi-fi first.

Before you start

Read about printing, copying and scanning at the Library. This explains where the printers are, how much printing costs and any restrictions that apply.

Have your Library card or copy card ready with enough credit to pay for your prints.

How to print from your device

Before printing

You can only print from your own device if it is connected to the Library's free wi-fi.

  1. Connect to the Library's free wi-fi.
  2. In your browser, open PaperCut Web Print.
  3. Log in with your Library card (or copy card) number and Web Print password. 
    • The password is usually the last four digits of your Library card number. 
    • Speak to staff if you have problems logging in.
  4. Select Web Print in the menu, then Submit a Job.
  5. Choose from the two printing options:
    • Global Printer BW for black and white printing
    • Global Printer Colour for colour printing.
  6. Select Print Options and Account Selection to continue.
  7. Enter the number of copies you want to print.
  8. Select Upload Documents.
  9. Browse to find your file location in the pop-up window. Select your file and Open.
    Note: If you're printing from an iPhone or iPad, you can only select files from iCloud Drive or Apple Photos.
  10. When you've chosen your files, select Upload and Complete.
  11. Go to a multi-function device in the Library's reading rooms, swipe your card to log in and release your print job.
  12. Collect your documents and log out from the printer.

Note: Your files will be deleted from the print system after 48 hours.

What you can print

From most devices, you can print:

  • PDF files
  • documents, spreadsheets and data files
  • images.

If you're printing from a web browser, we recommend doing one of the following first:

  • save the webpage as a PDF
  • copy the content to a text editor or word processor such as Notepad or Microsoft Word.

Other information

PaperCut Web Print is available on devices running Windows, Mac OS, Android or Apple iOS.

iPad and iPhone users

You can only print documents saved in iCloud Drive or photos saved in Apple Photos.