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The Tree of Life

In the depths of grief, Indira Naidoo turns to the natural world around her for answers.

Do we still have time for Henry Lawson?

It is 100 years since the famous writer and chronicler of bush life died.

The Fighting Sands Brothers

Sport — including boxing — has long been one arena where First Nations talent has been celebrated.

The writer & the archivist

Rose de Freycinet, a nineteenth-century French woman, stowaway and diarist, unites a writer and an archivist 200 years later.

On fire

Alexandra Christie is the new editor of HEAT, an illustrious literary publication in its third incarnation

Art & life: Cressida Campbell

As she finalises work for her landmark exhibition at the National Gallery of Australia, Sydney artist Cressida Campbell invites Openbook into her studio.

Embracing the uncertainty

Science writer Jackson Ryan travels to Antarctica, via Mars, distant asteroids and tardigrades.

How to colour in a ghost

The challenges of bringing a hangman known as ‘Nosey Bob’ back to life.

Allen Ginsberg in Australia

Fifty years ago, the Beat poet and living symbol of the counterculture toured Australia, during a time of personal, spiritual and political awakening.

Queering the archive

A biographer reflects on the serendipity of finding traces of her subjects’ intimate lives in the archive.

Real cricket

As an advocate for and chronicler of women's cricket in Australia, Lorna Thomas fitted more than a lifetime into three boxes.

Wildest dreams

Emily Bitto's second novel raises compelling questions about writing and living.

Coming home

A life, as much as a gathering of words, is a story of places. It begins and ends with soil beneath feet, water within heart.

The crime files

A true crime writer shows how she uses the archives to reveal histories that rarely come to light.

Romance and reality

A biographer faces withdrawal symptoms as she leaves behind an immense archive.

Staging Kate

Writer and actor Kate Mulvany defies the neat stories people write about her.