Keeping company

A historian shares her delight in the recently acquired Fairfax Media Business Archive.

A remote drama

A Library fellowship uncovered an archive of emotion in the correspondence of Henry Parkes and Thomas Woolner.

Recipes for country living

Among the papers of the Scott brothers, who settled in the Hunter Valley in the 1820s, is a manual for frontier living.

Matthew Flinders: placing Australia on the map

Flinders proved that Tasmania was an island, traced the coasts of the Australian continent and was the first person to use ‘Australian’ to describe the inhabitants of this land. He named nothing after himself.

Women of the Library

The Library celebrates International Women's Day by honouring the legacy of female Librarians.

Miles Franklin

‘Heaven could be no more magical and mystical than unspoiled Australia' - the brilliant career of Miles Franklin.

Family business

The continuing boom in family history research is having a far-reaching impact on how people understand themselves and the world. 

Love letters

In the current era of instant digital communication, letters between long-distance lovers have a particular poignancy.

Through Darwin's eyes

Australia played an important role in Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution.

The book that Joseph Banks burned

An eccentric French nobleman, a letter about Cook’s Endeavour voyage and an enduring bibliographic mystery come together in the Library’s Banks collection. 

Douglas Snelling: Pan-Pacific modernist

Stylish and talented architect-designer Douglas Snelling introduced modern American living styles to aspirational Sydneysiders after the Second World War.

Andre Breton: early Surrealist publications

Between 1919 and 1930  Andre Breton published experimental texts that defined the Surrealist movement.

Hudson Brothers Building and Engineering Company

In 1854, William Henry Hudson ran a small carpentry business from Regent Street, Redfern. 25 years later Hudson Brothers was one of Australia's biggest companies. 

Frank Hurley's WWI photography

Hurley's photographs of the western front in 1917 and the Middle East in 1918 are arresting and iconic.

The enjoyment of a good story: 19th-century children's books

From tales of colonial adventure to moralising educational tracts, children’s literature in nineteenth-century Australia played a significant role in educating children as the nation’s future citizens.