Books and literature

A capital idea

Decorated initials — artworks in themselves — have a long history.

Rain and Blood

A poem.

Broken Glass

A short story.

Do we still have time for Henry Lawson?

It is 100 years since the famous writer and chronicler of bush life died.

The writer & the archivist

Rose de Freycinet, a nineteenth-century French woman, stowaway and diarist, unites a writer and an archivist 200 years later.

All well & good

Twenty-first-century notions of wellness have a long lineage.

Before I get to the good bits

The library that made me.

The printer’s mark

That curious penguin on the spine of your favourite paperback isn’t there just for decoration.

A changing world

Children’s picture books reflect the world that makes them, but must try to remake that world too.

On fire

Alexandra Christie is the new editor of HEAT, an illustrious literary publication in its third incarnation

A nondescript building in Cabramatta

The library that made me.

The sound of words

What’s the process for turning words on a page into words in your ear?

On literary merit

We may find it easy to give a book one star, or five, but what do we really mean by the phrase ‘literary merit’?

Queering the archive

A biographer reflects on the serendipity of finding traces of her subjects’ intimate lives in the archive.

Shelling the prawns

A poem by Sarah Holland-Batt.


A short story.

And the winner is …

What impact do prizes have on Australia’s literary ecosystem?

Wildest dreams

Emily Bitto's second novel raises compelling questions about writing and living.

Surface art

Book cover design is an intricate and sometimes baffling process that brings together authors, readers, publishers, booksellers and designers.

Romance and reality

A biographer faces withdrawal symptoms as she leaves behind an immense archive.

Including others in this email

A short story.

Light less guarded

A poem by Jane Gibian.

Spine tingling

Looking closely at the spine could unlock the mystery of a rare book, or it could raise more questions.

On kindness

The opposite of kindness is not cruelty or malice. It is reason.

New chapters

On diversity, discomfort and the turning of a new page for the Australian publishing industry.