Vital collaboration with Bruce and Joy Reid Foundation

This long standing supporter of the Library has helped create one of the Library's most ambitious online projects
A new map of the world, with Captain Cook's tracks, his discoveries and those of the other circumnavigators
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The Bruce and Joy Reid Foundation has been a longstanding supporter of the Library. It's latest partnership with the Library has resulted in one of the most inspiring and breathtaking online historical projects created.

This online story is Voyages of Discovery: The Great South Land which was initiated seven years ago and since then has grown exponentially.  It tells the tale of the extraordinary voyages of discovery to the Great South Land. The most recent enhancement features the story of Captain Samuel Wallis (1728–1795). In 1766, Wallis, in command of HMS Dolphin, was sent by the British Admiralty to explore the Pacific in search of the mythical Great South Land. Although Wallis failed to find the continent, he was the first European to discover many islands including the beautiful island of Tahiti, and his reports led to Captain Cook’s later voyages in the region.

A skilled artist, Wallis is known to have made at least 40 drawings on the voyage, many of them offshore coastal views of the islands he encountered. Because of the ongoing generosity of the Bruce & Joy Reid Foundation, the State Library is able to make its unrivalled collections of maps, journals, logbooks, letters, paintings, prints, drawings and books about the extraordinary voyages of discovery of the Great South Land available online. 

The online project showcases the extraordinary collection of maps and journals, and creates a truly remarkable interactive experience.  Its educational value for students and teachers and researchers is invaluable. It's a great example of an innovative project created in partnership with the Library and a Foundation.