Author Talks

The Library’s author talks are enlightening, funny, sad, controversial, joyous, heartwarming and are always entertaining.

Discussing 'Kim Jiyoung: Born 1982'

Join Senior Dr Jane Park and Michaela Kalowski, as they discuss the issues and ideas around gender, culture and common experience explored in Cho Nam-Joo's best selling novel. 

My Year of Living Vulnerably

Rick Morton talks about his latest release, My Year of Living Vulnerably

Breaker Morant

In his latest book, Breaker Morant, Peter Fitzsimons unravels the many myths and fictions that surround the life of Harry Morant. 

How to Win an Election

The 2019 Australian election produced a surprise result showing, not for the first time, that every election is there for the winning — including the next one.


Join author Katerina Bryant as she discusses the stories of these silenced women and how, through her research, she found her own voice.

A Room Made of Leaves

In partnership with Sydney Writers' Festival.

Internationally bestselling author and Orange Prize winner, Kate Grenville, discusses her latest imaginative response to history, A Room Made of Leaves.


Join Craig Silvey, award-winning author of Jasper Jones, as he talks about his highly anticipated new novel, Honeybee with Hamish Macdonald.

Ways of Knowing

Please join us for a fascinating online discussion, as Darug women Leanne Watson, Erin Wilkins and Jasmine Seymour talk with historian Grace Karskens about the many ways we learn about the past and present.