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Scholar Talks

Scholar Talks showcase the work of the Library's Fellows and other researchers.

"Here's To'ee": Tapping the Tooheys Collection

The Tooheys Limited collection has been an untapped resource, in the Mitchell stack, unnoticed by historians. Dr Lisa Murray – 2021 Hertzberg Fellow – has been exploring this special collection of business and industry records.

George Lambert’s The Convex Mirror

Art historian David Hansen makes a deep dive into a single (and singular) painting: George Lambert’s The Convex Mirror.

Australian Journalists in the 1911 Chinese Revolution

Tess Gardner tells the story of the Australian journalists who played a part in the end of the Qing Dynasty.

Lesbian Sydney in the 1990s

This talk explores the important role of Wicked Women and LOTL magazines in connecting and building lesbian communities in Sydney during the 1990s.

Working and Not: Life in an Economic Crisis

Dr Elizabeth Humphrys explores life for blue-collar workers in the economic crises from the 1970s to 1990s.

The spiritual is political: Magdalene Journal and Christian feminism

Associate Professor Clare Monagle — Australian Religious History Fellow, 2020 — explores the history of Christian feminism in Australia in the 1970s and 80s.

Doctored Uniforms

This talk and paper employs soldiers’ voices not only to highlight their reliance on vernacular medicine, but also to reformulate the boundaries of medical practice, and ask who can be considered a medical practitioner?

Natural curiosity: Unseen art of the First Fleet

Louise Anemaat – Executive Director, Library & Information Services and Dixson Librarian – talks about some of the extraordinary unseen art of the First Fleet.

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