Talking Deadly

Talking Deadly is a speaker series hosted by the Library's Indigenous Engagement team. First Nations knowledge-holders shine a spotlight on the topics that continue to shape contemporary First Nations Australia.

Talking Deadly with Travis De Vries

Talking Deadly with Travis De Vries and Jason Wing

Join Travis in conversation with Jason Wing for a discussion of his artwork Captain James Crook (black light).

Talking Deadly with Travis De Vries and Hayley Pigram

Join Travis in conversation with Hayley Pigram for a discussion of her artwork Invisible Wounds.

Talking Deadly with Travis De Vries and Deborah Taylor

Join Travis in conversation with Deborah Taylor for a discussion on Deborah’s artworks Forged in Fire and Blood and Special Places.

Talking Deadly with Travis De Vries

Travis talks about his artwork Tear it Down, a digital drawing which depicts Aboriginal activists pulling down the Captain Cook statue in Hyde Park.

About Travis De Vries

Travis De Vries

Travis De Vries is a concept artist, podcaster, writer and producer known for fusing Gamilaroi storytelling with modern tropes, characters and themes. Travis’ creative body of work ranges from Indigenous futurism to Gamilaroi noire.

Travis is one half of Broriginals, a comedy podcast that has grown a cult following, which uses the idea of Aboriginal self-help gurus as a starting point for improvisation comedy with a racial bite. In 2018 Broriginals coined the name Wuggles (non-Indigenous-non-magical).

Alongside his artistic endeavours, in 2020 Travis founded as a platform for First Nations digital-based creatives, podcasters and gamers, overseeing a building network, and setting the standard for independent digital content produced and created by First Nations artists.  

You can find his work at or on Instagram @travishdevries and his hot takes on Twitter @travishdevries