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The Library’s author talks are enlightening, funny, sad, controversial, joyous, heartwarming and are always entertaining.

Award announcements

The Library's vibrant awards program brings together writers and readers to celebrate and promote excellence in literature and history.

The B List bookclub

Each month, Bri is in conversation with a contemporary author followed by a Q&A session. View all past recordings of the B List here.

Curator's Choice

Our Curators discuss the Library’s amazing collections and share their favourite stories.

Friends events

Enjoy highlights from the rich program of events for Friends of the Library members, including interviews with leading authors and fascinating curator talks.

Lifelong Learning

Discover an exciting range of courses, talks and workshops designed for learners of any age and stage of learning.

Scholar Talks

Scholar Talks showcase the work of the Library's Fellows and other researchers.

Talking Deadly

 A First Nations speaker series hosted by the Library's Indigenous Engagement team.

Featured past events

The Science of Us: Rethink addiction

Professor Dan Lubman AM discusses why people resist getting help for their addictions and how you or your loved ones can help overcome some of the barriers faced in getting professional support.

The Science of Us: End loneliness together

Researchers Dr Michelle Lim and Professor Catherine Haslam explore what we can do to stop feeling lonely and practical steps you can take to form meaningful relationships.

The Science of Us: Limit your screen time

Discover the latest thinking on what too much screen time does to our brains and learn scientifically proven techniques for resisting the pull of our digital devices, with Dr Mark Williams and Jonica Newby.

The Science of Us: Understand your emotions on climate change

Author of Beyond Climate Grief, award-winning science reporter Jonica Newby explores how to navigate the emotional turmoil of climate change. 

Some Space to Write

Tom Lee, Linda Jaivin, Eileen Chong and Oliver Mol discuss the works they’ve written in Sydney, or about Sydney, to draw out just what role a city plays in making writers.

Second City: Essays from Western Sydney

Contributors from Second City, an anthology published by the Sydney Review of Books, discuss new directions in non-fiction, the possibilities of essay writing and both the richness and limitations of the designation 'Western Sydney writer'.


The Gatherings Order

Rake through our archives with historians, public health experts and scientists to trace the path of the 1918-19 influenza pandemic. 

The Burial Files

Stream (or binge!) all nine episodes of The Burial Files now for a journey back to 19th century Sydney, and rediscover a place you thought you knew.

The Bridge: the Arch that Cut the Sky

A fascinating five-part series retracing the tumultuous history of the iconic Sydney Harbour Bridge.

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