Fear of a Black Planet Creators' Panel

Talking Deadly - 14 November 2020


If First Nations people had the freedom and power to enforce First Nations sovereignty, lore, law and culture, how would we deal with that? And what would our world look like? Is imagining a Blak future an act of resistance? And how does the notion of thriving rather than ‘surviving’ speak to creative work?

To celebrate NAIDOC Week 2020, Gamilaroi artist, writer, podcaster and producer Travis De Vries hosts a panel sessions with First Nations writers and artists, exploring how their creative work imagines futures (or reimagines the past/present) in which the balance of power has drastically shifted, and former dominant social, political, ideological and capitalist systems have been dismantled or overcome.

In considering their visions of the future, panellists reflected on their fantasy/future/speculative work and its intersections with cultural knowledge and identity, and the themes of Broriginals podcast ‘Fear of a Black Planet’ and the NAIDOC 2020 Week theme ‘Always Was, Always Will Be’, with emphasis on the ‘Will Be’.